Wednesday, 29 March 2017

10 Foods That Cause Cancer Horror

Cancer is a specter haunting the people around the world. Even the method of treatment such as radiotherapy ravages the body, causes health depletion, loss of hair …

According to a study in the United States, food is one of the top sources of cancer. So what foods that you should stay away from, if you don’t want to increase the risk of facing the death of this disease?

These foods not only contain substances that are harmful to the body but also increase the risk of developing various types of cancer. You need to eliminate them absolutely in the daily diet alone, according to Lifehack:


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  1. The genetically modified foods (GMOs):

Genetically modified food is a growing industry with lucrative profits. There is still controversy surrounding the GMO foods can increase the risk of tumor growth outside or not. However, many scientists siding with “Yes”.

2. Popcorn rotary ovens

Popcorn rotary oven is a favorite snack of many people, especially in the evening together with family, gathered around the TV to enjoy their favorite movies. However, you must be very careful with this food.

There is time, it is expected that the inhaled the aroma of popcorn radiating package can cause lung cancer. This has been proven to be false, but the scientists found an another death. This poison is in the coating on the inside popcorn bag, when rotating at high temperature will decompose into perfluorooctanoic acid compounds, increase the risk of cancer. In addition, an adhesive border around the bag can also secrete substances are extremely toxic when rotated.

  1. Canned Food

If you think that canned food is safe and hygienic, think again. Most of the cans contain BPA-A. According to page, even when exposed to small amounts of BPA-A, the body also has the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and many other disorders.

4. Red meat grilled

Nearly all of them enthrall grilled beef steak soft, succulent and aromatic. However, scientific studies have found that this way of beef processing will liberate heterocyclic amines, a common carcinogen. And according to the US National Cancer Institute, the meat cooked at high temperatures such as in coal will create strong carcinogen and increases the risk of developing melanoma.

5. Refined sugar

Next time, when holding a fragrant biscuit made of flour and refined sugar, you should think again and put it down. No, not because of the risk of tooth decay and weight gain simple. In fact, we are consuming more refined sugar than ever, and this is really dangerous. Not only increases the risk of obesity, diabetes that refined sugar is also the causes of cancer types such as breast, prostate, bladder, pancreas, and rectum, recommendations page.

6. Soda

Maybe everybody craves a cool glass of soda on a hot sweaty day. However, these quiche drinks push you towards danger. According to the University of Public Health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, taking more than 1 cup of soda per day will cause your body to accumulate and produce 4-methylimidazole many, a substance capable of causing cancer.


7. Processed Meats

There are many dishes made from processed meat such as sandwiches, hot dogs, bacon … These foods contain a lot of salt and preservatives, as well as many chemicals that are harmful to the body. If you buy bacon, everything is even worse because they are contaminated smoke carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons, almost like when you smoke it.

8. Artificial Sweeteners

According to the US National Cancer Institute, the use of artificial sweeteners has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory rats, though no further studies have confirmed the link between artificial sweeteners and cancer a human. Even so, it is better you should still limit the use of these foods in the diet of their routine.

  1. Unsaturated vegetable oil

Basically, the unsaturated oils are vegetable oils, extracted from plants / plant through a complex chemical process. In unsaturated oil containing a large amount of fatty acid Omega 6. Trans fat can cause increased risk of heart attack or some forms of cancer such as skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal …

10. French fries

Slices of fried potatoes, crispy are always fascinating people. But do not forget that they are always frying oil and fat containing extremely high, not to mention the artificial flavor and preservatives. According to the American Cancer Society, when fried at high temperatures, an active substance called acrylamide will be produced, which is a carcinogen commonly found in tobacco.


Although a lot of foods listed above are delicious, quiche, but eating too much every day we will surely make your body suffer the consequences. Look for alternative foods that not only delicious but also have a safe and healthy again. Never forget that the mouth can damage the body to what extent.



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