Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Delicious Rice Cake

Rice cake is a rustic cake but always brings with good appetite and enjoyable feelings
Rice flour: 200 g
– Water: 800 ml
– Cooking oil: 1 tea spoon
– Sodium glutamate: 1 tea spoon
– minced meat: 100 g
black fungus: 4-5 tai
– dry onion: 1 buld
– fresh banana leaves, bamboo string
Step 1: Mix 200 g rice flour with 800ml water, then stir to dissolve powders, wait for settling and remove the pure water. Next, refill a water equal parts of removal water and stir again. Add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and 1 teaspoon of sodium glutamate.
Delicious rice cake
Step 2: Pour flour mixture into pan with medium heat and stir quickly to avoid powder lumps. When the mixture starts to solidify, continue to stir until it is smooth and combined.

Delicious rice cake
Step 3: Black fungus are soaked with water to bloom and chopped

Delicious rice cake
Stir fry minced meat with little cooking oil, chopped dry onions and black fungus and then to act on non-fragrant minced, add the meat and fried black mushrooms cooked. Next, season with a little soup and turn off the stove.
Delicious rice cake
Step 4: Banana leaves are washed, cut into square pieces with 20×20 size, they should be passed through the fire for being soft to avoid torn leaves.
Delicious rice cake
Step 5: Spread the banana leaves on a flat surface or a clean dish, scoop a little flour and then spread out on banana leaves, add meat on top and grabbed the edges for beautiful banana leaf wrap.

Delicious rice cake
Use bamboo string to tighten the head and then wrap them throughout the cake. Continue to do turns until out of all ingredients.
Delicious rice cake
Arrange rice cake in an autoclave and boil within 15 minutes from the water starts to boil. Take the rice cakes on a dish and let’s enjoy with chili sauce or sweet and sour dipping sauce. Rice cakes are best eaten hot.
Delicious rice cake
Wishing you succeed in rice cake recipe!

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