Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Healthy breakfast with coffee and cake


Nowadays, because of the busy works, people cannot spend much time on their breakfast. However, to have enough energy to work effectively all the day is the required thing that everyone has to do.

According to many coffee lovers and some forums or coffee maker reviews of 2016, people said that a cup of coffee along with a good cake will be a great idea for the busy people.

Nevertheless, many people think the coffee and cake are not good for breakfast because it can have bad effects on our health. In fact, there are a lot of benefits that coffee and cake can bring to us, which we may not have known exactly yet.



• Increase the circulation of the blood

The coffee often contains some stimulant to make the people more conscious. Moreover, it also helps the blood to circulate better for the people who drink coffee in the morning frequently than the others.

• Supply more energy for the body

A bit small amount of caffeine in the coffee will be very helpful for the people who have to practice with a high intensity. It helps to increase the amount of glycogen in the body; therefore, this will help people practice better and longer.

• Protect the muscles

Some surveys also show that the caffeine in the coffee has the effect to compensate for the muscles’ reduction of the strength following the time. A cup of coffee each morning will assist to protect our muscles and make us stronger.

• Intensify the memory

The caffeine in the coffee can help to double the memory of the people at least 24 hours after they drink it. Thus, a cup of coffee in the morning will help you have an extremely effective working day.

• Reduce the pains

If you drink two to three cups of coffee about one hour before practicing, this will help you reduce the pains you may get. It is because the caffeine in the coffee plays a part in strengthening the muscles and making you better.



• Contain the nutrients

Many people may not know that although the cakes do not contain a lot of nutrients, they still store the essential starch to supply for the body.

• Make you happy

According to some studies, the cakes containing the starch will make the brain and body create the chemicals to improve the people’s feelings. Therefore, to start a funny and happy day, you should give yourself a cake to make you better.

• Reduce the bad effects of being on a diet

Cutting the glucose and starch suddenly will make the body lack the essential amount of glucose to supply the body enough energy. Therefore, having a diet often makes people feel dizzy, stressful and very hard to concentrate on anything.

Thus, if we are still on a diet, we should use the cakes to add the necessary amount of starch and glucose for the body. We can use the cakes made from the cherry, strawberries, cereals or fruit. It will help you have enough energy to work without worrying about the bad effects of the cakes.

After all, we can know that having coffee and cakes for breakfast is very good for our health. However, to have a really healthy breakfast, we must use them in a suitable amount so that we can earn the most profitable from them without the bad effects

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