Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Some useful advices to choose food for stomachache people

Stomachache is a chronic disease which is impossible to cure completely. However, it is able to help stomach work well if patients have a suitable diet and avoid using food which has bad effects on stomach. Besides, stomachache people should care their sleep by choosing the top pillow for a nice sleep and going to the bed on time.


Thus, the writing below will give you some useful guides to choose food for stomachache people.

As you know, in modern life with plenty of working pressure, people are getting stomachache easily, especially young people. According to experts, one of the main reasons of stomachache is due to unsuitable diet. Therefore, realizing which food is good and bad for patients plays an important role in treating the disease.

What kinds of food are encouraged to use for stomachache people?

  • Group of food which is capable of protecting stomach: According to many experts, stomachache people should have some foods which are able to protect stomach and fight with harmful bacterium. Some foods include eggs, milk, and rice. Besides, drink milk in a suitable way will have good effect for patients.
  • Sea food: To answer the question “which food should be used for stomachache?” doctors surely advise you to eat more shrimp, fish, and food which contain lots of protein and calcium in daily meals. Because these kinds of food are rich of calcium, protein and especially have a lot of zinc which helps to heal injuries.
  • Cabbage: Following a recent study in the USA, people show that cabbage is not only a type of good vegetable for all people, but also suitable for stomachache people. This is because there is nutrition to protect stomach membrane, stimulus to digest food and heal the wound in the stomach.

In addition, nutrition experts advise you to eat soft and digestible food such as potato and yam. You should not keep food in a fridge for a long time because it makes food lose nutrition. Moreover, patients have to make a good eating habit by having meals regularly and on time. Also, they should not use stimulants like coffee and tea.

So, which food should not use for stomachache people?

According to nutrition experts, patients should not eat the following food:

  • Spicy food: As you may know, when stomach gets injury, digestive process will become worse with acid food. Thus, stomachache people have to limit to use acid food such as lemon and mango to protect the stomach better.
  • Stimulants: Some stimulants will be a cause of stomachache like wine, beer, coffee and cigarettes. Furthermore, patients should not eat dishes which contain chili, garlic …and even fat food.
  • Mushroom: Maybe lots of people do not know that chemicals in mushroom are harmful for health of patients. So, people should limit to have mushroom in daily meals.

Moreover, it is not good to let stomach either empty or too full, so you should divide diet into small meals in a day. When eating, you should remember to chew carefully to help stomach easily digest food.

In particular, to gain the best result, patients must always feel relaxing and reduce working stress. Besides, you should spend more time taking a rest and caring themselves. Also, doing exercise every day will help to promote function of digestive system.

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