Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Tiramisu Cake Is Delicious, Cool And Soft Fragrance

Needless oven, you can also make a fragrant and charismatic tiramisu cake
Tiramisu cake is a great attraction of Italy, like cool cream mixed with coffee incense, wine with aromatic soft layer cake. Tiramisu cake recipe below is simple but tasty style.
– 1 egg yolk
– 60gr granulated sugar, 1 pack of strong coffee, 5 samba cakes (a sweet and light sponge cake which shape looks like a big finger), 5ml rum, 260ml whipping cream, 150grm mascarpone cheese, 2 spoons of gelatin, ΒΌ spoon of vanilla
Tiramisu cake
Step 1: Cook a pot of boiling water, then put a big bowl as long as the bottom of the bowl does not touch that water. Add egg yolk with granulated sugar and stir this mixture regularly until silky smooth (just simmer).

Step 2: Pour rum after the mixture is smooth.
Dissolve coffee with 80ml water and then divide into two parts: 30ml coffee is added in egg mixture and you add vanilla then stir to combine, the balance remaining coffee is used for soaking samba cakes later.
Tiramisu cake
Step 3: Next, beat whipping cream with sugar until the cream curdle slightly (do not beat too thick, cake will not be combined).
Tiramisu cake
Step 4: Take the gelatin into the bowl with a little water in the microwave to melt and then let cool. Mix whipping cream and mascarpone cheese together with gelatin.
Tiramisu cake
Step 5: Dip samba cakes over the balance remaining coffee (just over to avoid mushy cakes)
Tiramisu cake
Step 6: Cover with plastic wrap, put these cakes down the mold and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or until set.
Tiramisu cake
Step 7: Out of the fridge, dust with unsweetened cocoa powder and gently take out of the mold, cut the cake and enjoy.

Tiramisu cakeWishing you succeed in tiramisu cake recipe!

Tiramisu cake

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