Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Top food helping the students develop well

At the students’ age, practicing to develop both mentally and physically is very important. Thus they can play some sports to train their body and form their personality. For example, if they want to form the teamwork skill, they should play some sports like football, volleyball or basketball. These sports can also help them to develop their physical strength, especially help to raise their height as well. Besides, playing archery using the recurve bow for target shooting also will help them not only develop their muscles’ strength but also form their patience and concentration.

However, if the students want to develop in the best way, in addition to practicing or playing sports, supplying enough the important nutrients is also an indispensable thing. Here is the list of the top food which can help the students develop strongly and healthily. Furthermore, they are especially good for the students when they are in the testing time.

1. Cereals

Cereals contain acid folic, vitamin B12 and B6, which make the brain sound and keep the good working. The students should use usually the food made from the cereals such as bread or soybean. From that, they can supply enough the essential vitamins for the nervous cells.

2. Fish and cod liver oil

Fish and cod liver oil contain a lot of Omega 3, which plays an important role in transmitting and receiving the signals among the cells. Moreover, this can help to promote the gray matter formation in the brain and make the children more intelligent.

Salmon has a lot of Omega 3 and fat acid, especially vitamin A and D, which are very beneficial for the brain and eyes.

3. Tomato

Lycopene – antioxidant found in tomatoes – helps to protect the brain’s cells and prevent the memory impairment.

4. Pumpkin

Pumpkin supplies zinc, which plays an important role in the brain development and enhancing the thinking ability.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli is a wonderful source of vitamin K, which helps to raise the cognitive ability and the intelligence.

6. Orange

In the orange, there are a lot of vitamin A, B1, C and the minerals essential for the brain. They make the mind sound and cheerful, preventing the stresses and tiredness.

7. Egg

Colin in the egg yolk is a good source of the nutrients for the brain, helping to improve the memory.


There are a lot of protein, calcium, and necessary elements for the brain in the milk. If you want to add calcium quickly and effectively, you just need to drink milk every day.


Eating the garlic will help you strengthen the resistance and circulate the blood. On the other hand, the garlic contains sulfur, which is very good for the eyes. Using daily 1 or 2 cloves of the garlic is a popular and good dose for the health.


Carrot is one of the foods rich in nutrients, especially vitamin A, which can cure the night blindness, the lack of appetite, and the dried apple of the eyes.

11. Black chocolate

Chocolate helps to circulate the blood to the eyes, which makes the eyes less tired but become better. This can also prevent the depression, stimulate the nervous system, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You should choose the black chocolate containing about 60% cocoa.

In conclusion, you have to remember that if you want to develop both mentally and physically, you should combine between practicing and supplying enough nutrients for the body. Practicing suitably will make you not only stronger but also take form the good characters for yourself.

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